Jesus said:  Open your eyes, the fields are white unto harvest…  John 4:35



BLESSED EASTER!!!!!    Church, this is the day of days.  This year we will celebrate Easter Sunday, March 27th!

Well, it is not Easter yet.  To get us ready for the Easter our Church is doing several things:

***We are currently in a series on prayer on Wednesday nights.  Come join us in the prayer chapel as we share meditative prayer together.  Karen Rush and Marvin Parli are co-leading this special time.  We continue to have great meals on Wednesday nights…followed by our prayer time.  (On March 16, we will just have the prayer time.)

****We plan on having 3 SPECIAL DAYS to get us ready for the Easter celebration:

On Sunday, March 13th, we will have an Invite A Friend Sunday.  Who in your family can you invite to join us?  Who do you work with that you could invite?  Who do you go to school with or which neighbor can you include?  Invite a Friend!  We will have a special meal together in the gym after worship.  Come join us!  This will be a special day together.  We are having a great time together watching God at work.  Come this Sunday.  Encourage others to join us.  Invite a Friend Sunday is also the first day of Daylight Savings…so roll out of bed…call your friend and we will see you in Church.  You will not even have to head home and fix a meal…just bring something for the covered dish meal - meat will be provided.

On Sunday, March 20th is Palm Sunday!  We will have several baptisms on Palm Sunday.  This will be such an exciting day.  The Church for centuries has had baptisms on Palm Sunday.  What a blessing to be able to continue that tradition.  This will be a special day for us also as our children will be waving the palm branches and singing, the choir will sing and the hand bells will be playing.  Plan to make this worship service!

Sunday March 27this Easter, the day of days.


**********Another part of our getting ready for Easter will be Holy Week.


We plan to participate with the ministerial association for the mid day services.  This year the services will be held at the Christian Church, at noon.  We gather together for lunch followed by a short meditation/worship service.  On Thursday

Pastor Marvin will be leading the worship service.  This will be our Maundy Thursday worship service.


Good Friday-this year we will have a Good Friday Worship Service, 7 pm.   This will be the time when we will remember the cross of our Savior.  To experience the joy of Easter, one needs to remember the depth of the cross.  This will be a special service and a special time for us together as the body of Christ.


-This year we will have Easter flowers.   Once again we are asking you to bring flowers of any kind for Easter, in

memory of or in honor of someone special to you.  Please bring them to the church on Saturday, March 26, 10 am

– noon. 



8:00 am!

We plan to gather in the court yard for a SONRISE service.  OUTDOOR worship is such a wonderful part of the Easter experience.  We have a wonderful courtyard so this year we will simply gather in front of the Church to praise Him.  PLAN TO MAKE THIS A PART OF YOUR EASTER EXPERIENCE.  This will be a simple wonderful expression of our joy…..HE IS RISEN!

8:30 am! 

Breakfast…several of the men of the Church will be getting ready for us and we will head from the worship service right to breakfast in our parlor.  This is always a great time of talking with friends and sharing in a great meal and celebrating the Risen Christ.  HE IS RISEN.

9:30 am

We will have our Sunday School classes,  plan now to join one.  We have four adult classes now as well as classes for children and youth.  HE IS RISEN.


10:40 am

OUR EASTER WORSHIP SERVICE!  This will be a day for an incredible celebration.  The choir will again be singing, there will be special worship.  Come join us for a great day of joy.  EASTER CHANGED EVERYTHING.   This year through the Lenten series we have been focusing on the seven miracle stories in John.  The greatest miracle is the miracle of new life, possible because of the death/resurrection of our Savior.  Easter Sunday we will continue to follow John’s gospel for the Easter story.   Easter Sunday is truly the day of days.




We are so thankful for the grace and love of our God.  In response we give back to Him.  One of the ways we give is financially.  I am thankful for your faithfulness Church in giving.  For some time our expenses were greater than the giving of this congregation.  Thankfully we had savings to draw from.  One important goal for this congregation is to close the gap between giving and spending.

To help us reach this goal we will be doing some new things this year:

- This year we will have envelopes in the pews to remind people of giving and to provide you with a way to record any giving you may be able to share.

- February figures will be in bulletin when they become available.

- Thank you Church for your faithfulness. 


Scholarship Information

Scholarship information and application forms are in the church office.  Please pick up a form if interested in

applying for one of the scholarships.  They must be returned to the church office no later than Monday, April

11, 2016.


Senior Adult Retreat (at Cross Wind Conference Center, Hesston, Ks.)

Mark your calendar for April 27, 28, 2016.   Deadline for registering is March 24, 2016.  Registration

information is the church office.


Each communion Sunday,  as you leave the sanctuary, a member of the Board of Deacons will be there with an offering plate to receive the Communion Fellowship Love Offering.  This offering is the primary support for the Deacon’s Benevolent Fund. Our offerings are joined with offerings from five other churches as a part of the Winfield Community Helping Hands, which assists with utility payments, rent payments, and in other ways.



This section is prepared by our Board of Deacons to remember those that are in need of prayer.

Please take time to remember these people prayerfully.  Health concerns: Mrs. Edens, Les Hogue, Marilyn Leith, Donna Bogner,  Kristy Lawrence,  Carly VenJohn,  Cathi Clark, Ron Reynolds.     Grief:  Finney Family.    


Dates to Remember

            Sun., Mar 13                             Invite A Friend – meal in gym

            Mar 14 – 18                              Spring Break

            Mon., Mar 14, 6:30 pm               Finance Board

            Tues., Mar 15, noon                   Esther Circle w/ visitation team

            Sun., Mar 20                             PALM SUNDAY – baptisms: Jarett, Thane, Taylor

            Mar 21- 25                                Holy Week

            Fri., Mar 25, 7 pm                      Good Friday Service

            Mon., Mar 28                            Church Office Closed
            Mar 28-Apr 2                            Pastor Marvin on vacation

            Tues., Mar 29, 7 pm                  Board of Trustees

            Mon., Apr 11, 6:30 pm               Finance Board

            Tues., Apr. 12, 7 pm                  Board of Deacons


         Save the Date!
Concert on the Courtyard

by “Revival”

May 6th, 6:30 p.m

Come join us for a relaxing evening of music as part of the Kansas Sampler pre-event music crawl.  “Revival” is an acapella Christian music group from Arkansas City.  They began their ministry in 1989 and have been at our church before. 

Bring the whole family, lawn chairs, or blankets.   Hot dogs, chips, cookies, popcorn and drinks will be for sale at the event.

If you would like to help fund the honorarium for the group please contact the church office or Lisa Spoon at  We will be soliciting the food donations in the coming weeks.



First Baptist Church, as part of the Kansas Sampler event preparation, is in process on making a 4’ x 4’ barn quilt block like those seen around town (i.e. Cowley County Courthouse).   We have the primer coat of paint on already!  Stay tuned for work dates to add the colors (and have snacks)! 


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