Messenger 09/29/2015

Jesus said:  Open your eyes, the fields are white unto harvest.. John 4:35


We are seeing the renewal of Christ’s Church right before our eyes!  This past Sunday we worked at reaching 100 in worship.  We blew right by 100 and were at 126 last Sunday!  We experienced a joyful positive worship service. 

I saw Christ in you last week as many of you reached out and invited guests and members who have been taking a break.  It was great seeing more people in the pews.  Maybe even more importantly, Church you saw a large attendance Sunday because you invited, you asked, you hosted.  The praise group was fun, the choir anthem was great, the children story was awesome, it was a good day.

Now what?  Please tell your friends that were with you how glad you were they came.  Invite them to come again next week.  We more than doubled last week because you cared, you asked, you reached out.  This is not just about numbers!  This is about reaching people for Christ, it is about caring enough to ask others to join you in praising Jesus.  Jesus said:  as you go through life, make disciples!  (Matthew 28:20-Parli paraphrase.)  Consider last Sunday a great day and invite again.  Some of you invited people who did not show up…invite again.  I had several people say , I realized I should have invited someone but I missed an opportunity.  That is great also, we are learning.  Learn to naturally encourage others to join us.  We are not brow beating people to come to Church-we are simply experiencing the joy of worship and the joy of knowing Christ and wishing to share that with people in our lives.   Learn to make this a part of your life.  We want to be a congregation which cares for people.  We want Winfield to say, FBC is a place where you can see Jesus.  FBC-Winfield, last Sunday I saw Jesus in you.


Our repairs on the roof are complete.  The costs of the repairs will be 12,852.00   The good news is we have the Swanson endowment fund which will cover the costs.  We are thankful for people in the past who loved the Church enough to leave resources for moments such as now.    We will be able simply to pay for the repairs and move on.  After paying for the roof we will still have roughly $183,000.00 in that account.  My hope is that we will replenish this account and grow it so that our future will become even more secure.  For this congregation with a facility this size that is not a lot of money.  Nevertheless, that account has been and will continue to be a great blessing as we take care of our facility.

And by the way, we are thankful for increased giving which has helped us to take care of our current expenses.  You are doing a good job Church!


Wednesday Nights:  PEACEMAKING.  This is one of the greatest teachings and opportunities of God’s Church.  We are saved by the grace of Jesus Christ.  As we live we are called to learn this grace, to rely on this grace, to breathe this grace, to become grace filled people.  Grace is not just some Churchy word, it can become the reality in which you live.  We live in a world filled with conflict.  As we become Peacemakers we learn to see conflict through new eyes. 

We learn to see conflict as an opportunity to speak, live, experience grace.  This doesn’t mean we are passive whimps, it means we learn to have strength and courage for living in the real world.  This series will be an important HUGE part of what it means to live the Christian life.  This will be a great series-don’t miss it.   Pastor Marvin and Jenny Muret-Bate will be co- leading this important series. 

The MEAL on Wednesday night is great.  Call the Church office and let us know if you will be able to join us before the Bible study.  The meal is 5:15 p.m. and the lesson will be at 6:00 p.m.

CHOIR PRACTICE!  Why not come and be a part of the whole night.  If you can’t get there in time, come and join us for choir, 7:00 p.m.  We had the joy of hearing our choir this past Sunday.  The choir is working on great songs of the faith, come and be a part of it!

YOUTH GROUP…next week we are inviting the youth and parents to come and join us in the youth center.  We will have pizza and beverages, a time in the game room, and a time of talking about what we plan to do this upcoming year.  Come and hear our plans, and help us to develop new plans…we have great potential for the youth of FBC!  Sunday, Oct. 4, 6:00 p.m. youth center-third floor of the facility.



WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY – October 4… We will have a sermon: “Reflections on the Meaning of Communion” followed by taking communion.  Come take communion on the Sunday the majority of Christians across the planet will be celebrating communion together.


HOW ARE YOU?  I AM BLESSED.  BLESSED will be the next sermon series.  I had a friend who always  answered when someone asked him how he was,  “I am blessed.”  This series will take a look at what is means to be blessed by God, and how to enter into the blessed life.  We will be covering the book of James for this series.  Read James, it is just five chapters.  The book of James has much in common with the sermon on the mount which begins with the beatitudes…blessed are you…etc.  This will be a practical series which will be meaningful for your life.  The series will begin on the 11th of October and fun for five weeks. (October 11th – November 8th)


Remember family and friends of Marianne Byrd.



Save this date. Plan on sharing this special day with your church family and friends.



First Baptist Church will host the Community Thanksgiving Praise Service at 7 pm. 


ADVENT – November 29th  – December 20th



Wed., Sept. 30, 6 pm                 Peacemaking  Study in Family Room

Sun., Oct. 4, 6 pm                      Youth Group

Wed., Oct. 7, 5:15 pm                Wednesday Night Supper –

Wed., Oct. 7, 6 pm                    Peacemaking Study

Wed., Oct., 7, 7 pm                   Adult Choir Rehearsal

Fri., & Sat., Oct. 9,10                Annual Gathering at CrossWind

Sun., Oct. 11, 6 pm                    Youth Group

Tues., Oct. 13, 6 pm                  Finance Board

Tues., Oct. 13, 7 pm                  Board of Deacons

Wed., Oct. 14, 5:15 pm              Wednesday Night Supper – Covered Dish Night

Wed., Oct. 14, 6 pm                  Peacemaking Study

Wed., Oct. 14, 7 pm                  Adult Choir Rehearsal

Sun., Oct. 18, 6 pm                    Youth Group

Mon., Oct. 19, 7 pm                   Executive Board Meeting

Tues., Oct. 20, noon                  Esther Circle, covered dish in Parlor



The group meets each Thursday for lunch, before visiting.  They will meet at the following places at 11:30 am.  Oct. 1 – Biederman’s;  October 8 – Hunter’s;  October 15 - Subway;  October 22 – Wendy’s. Friday. October 30 the outing will be to Arkalalah.  Meet at the church at 10:00 am. The outing is for everyone.

First Baptist Church
200 E. 11th
Winfield, Kansas 


Dr. Marvin Parli, Pastor





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